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HEAL: Favorite Books on Herbalism

HEAL: Favorite Books on Herbalism


HEAL: Alchemy of Herbs: Transform Everyday Ingredients into Foods & Remedies That Heal

by Rosalee de Foret

If you are interested in exploring the concepts and benefits of herbalism, turn off the internet and buy this BEST-SELLING book. Rosalee does an amazing job of explaining basic principles of herbalism including the energetic actions of herbs and gives us delicious recipes to experience the herbs in action.

I did a review of her book when it came out HERE.

From the introduction: “Herbs and spices can transform a bland meal into a decadent and delicious experience...and can dramatically revolutionize your health!  They can improve your mood, reduce oxidative stress, ensure that you are digesting and absorbing the nutrients from your healthy foods, and prevent many chronic diseases.”

I gave up trying to find a place on my bookshelves for this book: it moves around from my kitchen, my herb room and my office. So I leave it on my dining room table so that I can easily find it. This is a hands-on book that you will use for cooking and making. Just in this week, I made another batch of the Cinnamon Tooth Powder, I have mustard seeds soaking in vinegar for a doubled batch of Homemade Mustard, and I have tagged the Cardamon Chocolate Mousse Cake for an upcoming holiday dinner.

Fam herbla.jpg

HEAL: Family Herbal: A Guide to Living Life with Energy, Health and Vitality

by Rosemary Gladstar

Rosemary is the Godmother of American herbalism and has been inspiring generations of home herbalists since the 1970s. This is a great starter book with easy to make recipes for common complaints for all members of the family. I bought this book many years ago, and I continue to use it regularly.

Every person interested in plant-based wellness should own this book.

From the author: “My hope is that this book will be used and cherished, the pages do-eared and the cover crackled with time, and, just as important, that it will bring to the forefront of our consciousness the idea that our health is integrally linked to that of the world around us.”

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HEAL: Body into Balance: An Herbal Guide to Holistic Self-Care

by Maria Noel Groves

This is a comprehensive health guide that belongs in every home. The book includes basic descriptions of how each of our body systems work, written in layperson’s language. Maria includes descriptions of common imbalances of each body system and identifies herbs and their healing properties that can help restore balance. Throughout the book she highlights the importance of developing a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In addition to herb profiles in each section, she sprinkles in easy-to-make recipes. She includes chapters on harvesting and buying herbs and directions for making herbal remedies.

From Part 1: “Introducing plant medicine into your life brings joy and empowerment as you connect with the plant world and your own body. But this book is more than a list of which herbs to use with X disease. In the following chapters, you’ll learn how your body is meant to function from a holistic perspective, why things go astray, and which herbs and natural therapies help strengthen and heal each body system and your overall health.”

AUTHOR: Sue Kusch, a former community college instructor and academic advisor, incorporates her experiential wisdom, expertise and science-based research garnered from her three decades of growing vegetables, fruit and herbs into her educational writing about plants and how people use them. In addition to her BA in Social Sciences and Masters in Education, she completed the Master Gardener training in 2011 and two permaculture courses in 2001 and 2014. She has studied medicinal and nutritional uses of herbs including studies at and East West School of Planetary Herbology since 1997. Sue currently serves as President and newsletter editor of her local chapter of the Washington Native Plant Society.  An avid reader, lover of historical and folkloric information, and a promising storyteller, Sue writes about the intersection of plants and people at

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