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GROW: What I'm Growing: My Seed Order

GROW: What I'm Growing: My Seed Order

Last year, I did a serious inventory of my seeds and all of the seeds that were five years and older were tossed into seed trays, watered and encouraged with softly spoken blessings. The germination rates were mostly zero for those old and not-so-well-taken-of seeds with the exception of many purple basil seedlings.

Lots of purple basil starts last year

Lots of purple basil starts last year

This year I swore I would maintain control: before opening any of the six seed catalogs sitting on my dining room table, I made list of what I wanted to grow and then carefully looked through my current inventory of seed, checking off what I already had.

Then I opened my Adaptive Seeds catalog and completely lost control. And they don’t even have plant photos.

Have you noticed that wine makes you more persuadable to delightful plant descriptions? ‘Cuz I sure have...

I ordered seeds from two places: Adaptive Seeds, a small seed grower and supplier based in Oregon who specialize in open pollinated and organic seed.  They are passionate about seed access and biodiversity and are founders of The Seed Ambassadors Project (and allowed me to repost their essay, What’s This So-Called Plant Breeding?).  My other order was made at Strictly Medicinal, also located in Oregon, who specialize in medicinal herb seeds.

Here’s what I am growing this year:

Adaptive Seeds

Pole Snap Beans - Scalzo Italian

Bean - Sacaton Brown Tepary

Broccolini - Red Arrow Purple Sprouting (A new one for me)

Carrot - Hilmar/Nantaise 2

Carrot - Red Core Chantenay

Sweet Corn - Double Red (Red sweet corn - a good one for starting conversations and funny looks)

Cucumber - Mideast Peace

Fennel - Selma Fino (bulbing)

Green Onion - White Spear - (Absolutely loved these from last year)

Grain - Hells Canyon Millet - (For flower arrangements and the birds)

Greens - Transylvanian Sorrel - (How can I resist the Transylvanian connection?)

Greens - Greek Cress

Greens - Buck’s Horn Plantain - (Permaculture strategy for easier workload: perennial, edible green)

Leek - Verdonnet

Pumpkin - Pie Pumpkin Party (Excited about this one: free-for-all plant sex that resulted in a variety of different looking pumpkins - anticipate photos)

Radish - Blauer Winter

Salad Greens - Delicious Diversity Mesclun Mix

Tomato - Astrakhanskie


Rustic Colors Rudbeckia - (Increasing my limited perennial flower diversity - I want more flowers in my house)

Food Not Lawns Remix Poppy - (Medicinal and just plain pretty)

Tiger Mix Coreopsis - (species is tinctoria which means the plant is useful for dyeing fiber)

Strictly Medicinal Seeds

Basil - Sweet Lettuce Leaf - (big luscious leaves filled with  diced tomatoes, diced fresh mozzarella, expensive balsamic vinegar, olive oil and a tad of salt... The. Best. Summer. Lunch. Ever.)

Bergamot Seed Set - (Goldenrod bullied my bee balms out of the neighborhood; I adore bee balms and so do the hummingbirds so I am bringing them back)

Beebalm's unique flower structure is loved by hummers and native bees - plus it makes a spicy tea and is good medicine for the cold season

Beebalm's unique flower structure is loved by hummers and native bees - plus it makes a spicy tea and is good medicine for the cold season


Gravel Root


Marigolds: African Tururu, French, Mexican - (Heavily scented blooms discourages unwanted bugs)

Marjoram, Sweet

Onion - Walla Walla - (My favorite sweet onion; does not store well so I will need to eat one every day!)

Seeds I already had:

Arugula - Apollo

Asian Greens - Tatsoi

Broccoli - Purple Peacock

Bush Snap Bean - Wade

Bush Bean - Calypso

Cabbage - Red Head

Carrots - Dragon

Last year's Dragon Carrots 

Last year's Dragon Carrots 

Cauliflower - Purple Cape

Chinese Cabbage - Michihli

Cucumber - Addis Pickle

Cucumber - Emperoror Alexander

Lettuce - Red Vogue

Lettuce -Kalura

Kale - Winter Red

Mustard - Dragon Tongue

Pepper - Aji Colorado (hot)

Pepper - Jalapeno

Pepper - Stocky Red Roaster (sweet)

Radish - China White

Shelling Pea - Caruther’s Purple Pod

Spinach - Steadfast, Matador, Strawberry, Red Malabar

Sugar Snap Pea - Sugar Magnolia

Summer Squash - Yellow Crookneck , Black Beauty Zucchini

Tomatoes - San Marzano, Costoluto Fiorentino

Turnip - Purple Top White Globe

And herbs - lots of herb seeds to sow.

Don’t ask me where I am going to grow all these plants!  

Next order for perennial plant starts and crowns for my Hugelkultur Hedgerow...stay tuned


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