MAKE: Nature's Late Bloomers

Nature is full of late bloomers: flowers that bloom in the late summer & autumn, plants that bloom only once after decades of living and humans who find their creative path and purpose later rather than earlier in their lives.  This interview/photo essay offers a glimpse into two examples.

COOK: Greens & Beans Gratin

A delicious and healthy dish that has lots of flexibility for creative additions. Perfect for the rebel cook who always feels compelled to add a little of this and a little of that to a recipe.

HEAL: Medicinal Herb Honey

The easiest remedy to make will likely be the most appreciated when you wake one morning with a sore, scratchy throat, a typical symptom of an infection.  Herb-infused honeys can also be used in the kitchen and to soothe and heal burns and wounds.

GROW: Wolf Flower Disguised as Lady Lupine

Probably the most colorful genera of the pea family in the Pacific Northwest, lupines serve multiple ecological functions: they offer protein-rich food for a variety of animals and as a legume, lupines are nitrogen fixers, improving the health of the soil. Called Wolf Flower for several confusing and differing reasons, the lupine is a lovely plant that blooms in the spring and summer.

GROW: Garden Report 6/10/17

My way of record keeping and sharing with you!  What happens to old seeds, dealing with Mother Nature, catching up on garden chores and mostly just patting myself (and my worker bee interns) on the back.

TREK: Madagascar - Farmers & Tropical Herbs

A guest post from my friend, Emily Peterson, who had the opportunity to travel to Madagascar to learn and work with the farmers who grow vanilla, cacao, vetiver and ylang ylang.  Emily's wonderful post and photos offers a glimpse into the farmers' lives, their communities and their crops.

GROW: 3 Ways to Support Pollinators

A wonderful post from a guest contributor:  One of the many hats that Dan Richardson wears is VP of Suksdorfia Chapter of the Washington Native Plant Society. I serve as the newsletter editor for our local chapter and Dan recently submitted this lovely article for a recent edition. I was thrilled when he agreed to let me post it here.  Lots of good information including 3 simple steps for gardeners and homeowners to do.  He also included a list of resources.  Enjoy!